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TOP-rated water heater services in columbus, ohio

the warning signs

The best way to prevent a problem from occurring is to catch the warning signs early. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that their water heater is in danger of failing. This is why we have assembled a list of things that indicate a potential problem. If you keep an eye out for these early warning signs, you can keep your property safe while maintaining your supply of hot water.
Ensure your family always has hot water by getting your existing water heater repaired or replaced. We specialize in electric, gas, power vent gas, and tankless water heaters. We offer both new installation as well as service on most brands.
image of plumbing system
Unusual noises
It is common for sediment to gradually build up in a water heater. As the system is continually cooled and heated, the residue begins to harden. When this occurs, you will notice banging or rumbling sounds whenever your heater starts up.
Have you noticed rust coming out of your drains when you use hot water? This may be a sign that the inside of your heater is rusting. A professional needs to check whether the rust is coming from your heating system or your galvanized pipes.
tank leaks
As the metal in your water heater expands and contracts, it undergoes a significant amount of pressure. This often results in small fractures or leaks in the tank. A plumbing specialist should be called to inspect and repair the issue.
advanced age
Sometimes the most telling sign of possible failure is the age of your tank. Generally, you should consider replacing a heater that is over 10 years old. Special consideration should be given to any tank that is in a location where a leak could do severe damage to your property.


At Accurate Plumbing, we have been providing Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas with reliable water heater services since 1976. We offer comprehensive repair and replacement work for a wide selection of water heater models and brands. Keep your property safe and your water comfortable with an optimally functioning water heater.