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3 Fixture-Selection Tips for a Stylish Bathroom Upgrade

Modern Style Bathroom
The days of boring bathroom sinks and minimalist chrome faucets are over. It's easier than ever to upgrade your personal space with new bathroom fixtures and hardware. Here are three tips to help you choose the best new look for your bathroom.
1. Think Outside the Traditional Vanity
Bathroom vanities have been boxy and plain for too long. Larger double vanities take up a lot of real estate in the bathroom for such boring furnishings. Traditional vanities also tend to get cluttered with bottles and personal care items you rarely use.
Exchange the old vanity for a pair of pedestal sinks. Pedestal sinks leave a small footprint, but leave a big impression. The sinks are available in retro and contemporary designs to suit any bathroom theme you have in mind.
Create a table to support double sinks to follow another trend in bathroom design. Use a counter made of granite, wood, or other material as the base for sinks. Support the table with legs made of wood, brass, copper, or rubbed bronze plumbing pipe.
The table concept for a double vanity opens up the floor space below the sink. Where a dark vanity once stood, there's a view of white tile, a storage basket of towels, or a potted plant.
2. Let Hardware Steal the Show
Bathroom faucets are key players in modern bathroom décor. A huge array of faucet styles are available for sinks and bathtubs, so browse the selections thoroughly to find the designs that match your personality and bathroom theme.
Choose a sink faucet that resembles a pitcher pump from a mountain cabin. Pitcher-pump and other faucet designs are available in black and antique bronze hues to give your bathroom a timeless look.
For a beach-house or cottage look, have a trough sink installed with old-school faucet handles and a flare-spouted faucet. Spouts come in bell, curved, and even bird-shaped designs to add character to your bathroom.
Minimalist chrome faucets are still available, but the designs are anything but boring and low-profile. Add a distinctive touch to your modern bath décor with a shiny chrome spout that resembles a simple L or makes a slight, graceful curve.
Alternatively, expose the pipes for another trending bathroom look. Use vintage looking pipes and fittings under wall-mounted and table-supported sinks to offer an industrial or retro feel to your bathroom. The interesting shapes and bends of the pipework make an artistic, yet utilitarian statement.
3. Make Space in Tiny Bathrooms
Pedestal, basin, and wall-mounted sinks are great solutions for cramped bathrooms. Choose a unique designer sink for a powder room, and the space instantly has all the visual interest it needs. Go for the industrial, European, Asian, or rustic look with a shallow bathroom sink made of marble, glass, stone, concrete, or traditional porcelain.
The wonderful thing about today's bathroom hardware is the way the fixtures dominate the décor. An interesting mix of faucet and fixtures elegantly defines even the smallest spaces. The rest of the bathroom decorations can be simple and serene, while the faucet and fixtures give an air of luxury and character.
The power of an interesting faucet is most acute in a smaller bathroom. Show off your personal style with only a change of hardware. Be bold and go ornate or a little wacky if a faucet speaks to you. In a tiny bathroom, a bold faucet and sink add sophistication.
Your plumber is a great source of knowledge about replacing bathroom sinks and faucets with updated fixtures. They help you select styles that work best in your small or challenging bathroom spaces.
Give your bathroom a style boost by contacting the dependable professionals at Accurate Plumbing today. We've renovated bathrooms throughout Central Ohio for over 40 years, and we offer a wide variety of beautiful bathroom fixtures.