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ESSENTIAL BACKFLOW devices in columbus, ohio

keeping it clean

Clean drinking water is a necessity for any residence. Since there are many ways your water supply can be contaminated, you need a device that protects it from germs and pollutants. Fortunately, there is an affordable system that will defend your family from dangerous substances. Invest in a backflow prevention device for your peace of mind.
In our area, many municipalities require backflow devices on your irrigation system, well stations, and water powered back up sump pumps, and in some areas, backflow protections to your entire home. We have state-certified technicians to install or simply test your backflow devices.
a backflow devices with switch

what is a backflow device?

A backflow device protects potable water from contaminants. When the pressure in your system fluctuates, it runs the risk of dirty fluids polluting your entire clean water supply. This device prevents water from running the risk of contamination by creating an air gap between the toxic and pure water.

the benefits of backflow prevention

These devices provide a large variety of advantages for homeowners. The cost of repairing the potential damage caused by contaminated water is high. Our systems are designed to prevent this disaster from happening. A backflow prevention device is an investment to protect your family, property and potable water supply.

get regular testing

It is crucial that your backflow protection device is kept in working order. The consequences of a malfunction are much higher than the cost of an inspection. It is recommended that you get your system checked at least once a year. This will help ensure that you always have an optimally functioning prevention device.

our skilled services

Are you ready to get a backflow prevention device for your home or office? At Accurate Plumbing, we offer affordable, efficient installation services. We will size your system to your building to ensure that you receive the best protection available. Call today to keep your potable water clean and pure.